A message from the Prefense team

Prefense was founded on the belief that the long-term daily use of Prefense alcohol-free hand sanitizer can protect people’s health. The pandemic is clear evidence that we all must be proactive in the fight against the spread of disease. Our goal is to be the long-term provider of Prefense products to families and businesses who share our belief that sustained daily use of our high efficacy products can protect people’s health and provide long-lasting defense from the transfer of germs that can make you sick.

Our team is working diligently to increase production in the face of very high demand for our products. We are adding capacity in all areas of our supply chain but remain in backorder on all products.

These are unprecedented times and we are honored to have your trust in Prefense and our long-lasting, non-alcohol hand sanitizer. We hope you and your families continue to be safe!

Jim                    Dave                    Ken                    Mike                    Michael

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