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How does Prefense work?

Prefense can adhere to skin for longer than 24 hours, in tests our product remains bonded to the skin for up to 48 hours, however, human skin sloughs off at a rate of 20-40 million cells per day, limiting the recommended interval to 24 hours. The “through 10 hand washings” refers to 10 normal hand washing circumstances, such as a restroom break. If you are washing and drying your hands numerous times a day, operating machinery such as a sander, or working with harsh chemicals, we recommend more than one application to ensure protection.

The science: Silylated QAC’s have the ability to react with and chemically bond to inanimate surfaces such as cellulose fabrics, glass, zeolite, etc., with retention of antimicrobial activity. When applied to the hands, quaternary ammonium organosilane bind to the skin via covalent, electrostatic, or hydrogen bonds, forming an antimicrobial layer to inactivate existing skin pathogens as well as pathogens that contaminate the skin long after application of the sanitizer.