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Sadly, Some Hand Sanitizers are Lethal

17 people have died this year after being exposed to hand sanitizer made with methanol, a highly toxic chemical, the FDA says. Read this article and watch the video report, wherein a number of safety precautions for buying, handling and storing alcohol-based hand sanitizers are recommended. We have just one recommendation: Buy Prefense Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer, instead. Prefense is water-based and retains your skin’s natural moisture. That’s easier, and much safer.

Prefense CEO Dave Wears on Chicago’s WGN Radio Wintrust Business Lunch

Have a listen to our CEO Dave Wears, as he talks about Prefense with John Williams on the WGN Chicago Radio Wintrust Business Lunch. Their conversation starts at the 19:18 mark.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer puts children at risk

Ingesting alcohol-based hand sanitizer can lead to “cardiac effects, effects on the central nervous system, hospitalizations, and death,” per the FDA. Read about how alcohol-based hand sanitizer packaging can be confused with food and drinks and how extremely dangerous it is for children who are easily lured by bright packaging.

The FDA Announces New Deadly Toxin Found in Hand Sanitizers, Adding to Recalls

New perils are uncovered and users continue to suffer harmful consequences with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Prefense delivers the safe, water-based alternative, protection that actually retaining your skins natural moisture.