Prefense 17 ounce foaming alcohol-free hand sanitizer, unscented, 6 count case option


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6 of the perfect sized bottles to keep on your counter or reception desk for easy access to protection that kills up to 99.99% of germs.  Perfect for small to medium sized offices, clinics, classrooms and mid-size gathering areas.  Compared to buying 2 8oz bottles you get 1 ounce (80 pumps) for free!

Why use alcohol-based hand sanitizers which dry out your hands, often lead to cracked and chapped hands which can lead to increased risk of infection?  Alcohol-free Prefense helps your skin retain its natural moisture!  17 oz. bottle, unscented, foam, alcohol-free. Contains approximately 1360 pumps.

Product is temperature-sensitive and must be stored at temperatures no less than 40 degrees F and no more than 110 degrees F.

6 X 17 oz. bottles, unscented, foam, alcohol-free.

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Weight9.5 lbs
Dimensions12.75 × 9.25 × 8.25 in