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Bring Prohibition back!

We live in a world that demands that all things that are harmful or damaging be banned from the market place.  Using a topical skin sanitizer that contains 62-90% ethyl alcohol should be no different. Commercial alcohol based sanitizers utilize commercial NGS (Neutral Grain Spirits) which is predominately made from the lowest cost fermentable grain, or Genetically Modified Organism (GMO grains). By and large, this alcohol is sourced from the US GMO corn production process.

Alcohol is recommended to be of 60-90% concentration to be effective as an antimicrobial. While this elevated amount seems to provide a “one size” fits all solution to hand and skin sanitization, it also brings with it numerous serious and potentially dangerous issues.

  • At the 60%-90% v/v alcohol level, this is the same as 120-180 proof. That is that same amount of alcohol you would get from top shelf barrel strength bourbon at a minimum.
  • People consume alcohol based “hand sanitizer” in efforts to get drunk.
  • 60%-90% alcohol is flammable, Flash Point: 16.6 deg. C (61.88 deg. F)
  • Alcohol based sanitizers only work when wet. As long as the alcohol is liquid gel form present on your skin, there is an antiseptic function being performed. Once the alcohol evaporates, any benefits are gone and with it goes your normal dermal protective layer of natural oils. Leaving your skin  damaged, dry, chapped and exposed.

The skin is the largest organ of your body and is intended to keep essential things in and detrimental things out. Alcohol exposure inherently causes damage to the skin, which can be cumulative, or increasing severity over time and repeated exposure. Dryness, chapping and cracking are all side effects of excessive direct alcohol exposure.  Once the skin is compromised, the ability to keep detrimental things out (pathogenic organisms) is reduced and compromised, allowing microbiological entities direct access into your body.

If you are of legal age to drink and you want a drink of alcohol, you should be able to select what you’re drinking, and how it’s prepared before you drink it. It shouldn’t be hidden in a clear gelatinous bottle of goop that slithers on your skin and smells of alcohol and fragrances.  Say “NO” to alcohol based sanitizers! Bring Prohibition back  to sanitizers! Save the alcohol for your cocktails!

Alcohol based sanitizers have long been the accepted practice, but no longer is this technology the only or even the best option.

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