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Alcohol-based hand sanitizer poisonings rise 79%

With the increase in use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and more manufacturers jumping into the game but not using approved ingredients or packaging, there has been a 79% increase in poisonings from alcohol hand sanitizers according to Consumer Reports.

Alcohol-free Prefense won’t poison your children.


Hand Sanitizer National and Global Shortage

There is a national and global shortage of hand sanitizer. This has also impacted our business, with Prefense LLC selling 9-months of inventory in 2 weeks. Just to be clear, the CDC is principally saying that if you use an alcohol -based hand sanitizer, use one with at least 60% alcohol. Prefense’s unique alcohol-free formula kills all of the same pathogens as alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  Alcohol only kills when wet. For more see an interesting article from CNN:

Global Shortage of Hand Sanitizer


FDA Allows Continued Use of Benzalkonium Chloride in Hand Sanitizer

The FDA over the past few years has eliminated a number of chemicals from use as hand sanitizer (hand rubs) ingredients. The final FDA Monograph allows just three ingredients – benzalkonium chloride, the active ingredient in Prefense; ethanol alcohol; and isopropyl alcohol.

FDA Allows Benzalkonium Chloride for Continued Use in Hand Sanitizers