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I have been using Prefense over the past few months and have received very positive feedback from my patients. They love the convenience of a once a day product. They feel confident that they as well as their children will have protection for a full day with only one application. They also like the fact that it is not a drying product and actually moisturizes their skin. My patients have a high level of confidence in this product. For me, I enjoy recommending a product that I also use and believe in. I look forward to using this product throughout the year.

Michael K. MD

Working In an industry in which hand sanitation is performed 15-20x per day, skin health for the care provider is a real concern. I have worked in the health care industry for 8+ years in various roles and as the weather becomes colder, skin breakdown takes place. Skin breakdown and drying out leads to more discomfort performing essential "hands on" job tasks in my current role as a physical therapist. I have used various soaps and alcohol based hand sanitizers which all contributed to negative skin changes. Having now used the Prefense solution for several months, these negative changes are not taking place. Prefense leaves you with both a sensation of feeling clean and hydrated in the hands and I utilize it much more than I would a standard alcohol based sanitizers. I have additionally not felt the need to use hand lotions throughout the work day which interfere with tablet and computer usage due to leaving you feeling greasy. Having the options of soap, alcohol based sanitizers, and Prefense, I would highly recommend adapting to Prefense for both the healthcare professional and those that contact your place of business.

Thank you,

Steve S.

As an RN, I never liked using the hand sanitizers as they would dry out my skin & smell of chemicals. Soap & water was always good enough for me...until I was introduced to Prefense. I also found it surprising to know that many are unaware of the ineffectiveness associated with alcohol based sanitizers. They only work when they're wet. Once the alcohol dissipates; it's no longer effective. With Prefense, I am assured of the best protection and my skin remains moisturized!

Think about it...to be able to don invisible gloves while, unknowingly, coming into contact with bacterium and not having it penetrate into my skin is one of the best and affordable insurance policies I can have. Also, knowing I cannot transfer the bacterium onto anyone or anything else is absolutely amazing to me. It's a win win in any setting . Prefense up, folks! It is your best defense!

- Shawn-Kristin, RN

I spent 23 days overseas and every day used a generous pump of Prefense. I was one of the few who didn’t end up sick. I was thankful for Prefense!

– Joan K.

I’m a believer! I’ve been using Prefense for 6 months, and my husband, kids, and I have yet to get sick even though there have been a lot of a nasty bugs going around. I put on Prefense everyone’s hands every single morning. I highly recommend it!

– Stacey P.