About Us

We’re Different

In 2008, Prefense LLC began producing a revolutionary, non-alcoholic, long-lasting hand and skin sanitizer with a patented formula that enables its antimicrobial protection to last up to 24 hours or through 10 hand washings. It is different from most antibacterial products because it is formulated without alcohol. This ensures it will not dry the skin and cause redness, chapping, and flaking. Most hand sanitizers on the market contain more than 60 percent alcohol, increasing consumer risk of skin irritation and decreasing the ability to fight infection over time. Significant alcohol content also makes these hand sanitizers highly flammable.

Core Principles

  • Priority: customers come first
  • Integrity: trust is the foundation of our business
  • Respect: every individual and their needs
  • Excellence: highest quality products and services
  • Recognition: reward exceptional performance
  • Leadership: setting a successful example
  • Family: the reflection of the way we do our business
  • What We Are

    Long lasting
    Protective for skin & hands
    Cost effective per use basis
    Safe for the whole family
    Silica based
    No-mess foam
    Prefense works when dry

    Apply, rub in until dry,
    protected all day

  • What We Aren’t

    NO harsh odor
    NO messy gels
    NO flammable materials
    NO parabens
    NO sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate
    NO hydrogen peroxide
    NO triclosan
    NO butylene glycol
    NO harsh chemicals or solvents

How do we get sick?

Every day we come into contact with microbes, bacteria, and viruses, and hand washing is the best way to avoid the spread of germs. By using Prefense on your hands, you are protecting yourself from microbes, bacteria, viruses, and germs for up to 24 hours, even after using soap and water to wash your hands.

How does it work?

When applied, Prefense creates a hydrogen bond with the skin cells, instead of just covering the skin’s surface. This bond locks Prefense protection to the skin until its sheds naturally after 24-60 hours. Skin cells can shed through excessive hand washings.

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